My name is Jakob Andersen, I live in the southern part of Denmark, where the dark skies make astrophotography possible. I photograph the night sky as often as I can, conditions allowing it.

Astrophotography has been my passion the last 6 years – it’s ridiculously time consuming, and everything from the weather, sky quality, temperature and time of the year has to come together into one perfect union. Then comes the real trial – getting the equipment to run flawlessly for hours on end.

Because of my location, I can only do deep sky imaging for certain parts of the year – the season runs from the beginning of september to the middle of may. When this time of year comes around I’m always checking out the weather forecast, local sky conditions and so on.

The perfect night for imaging can sometimes come quite unexpectedly, as the weather in Denmark can change “at the drop of a hat”.

If the season permits, I usually end up with 8 to 10 images of different deep sky objects, such as galaxies, nebuale or supernova remnants.

As well as selling my products in the shop I do exhibitions of my images, feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.


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