Clearsky astrophotography is based in southern Denmark. I photograph the night sky to bring out the wonders of distant galaxies, nebulae, supernovas and star clusters.

All photos are taken locally with proffesional astrophotography equipment. After acquiring image data - usually over many days, the data is then processed digitally to produce the final image.

Great care is taken to ensure that all details in the final images stay true to the original data set. What you see is the real thing.

Be it a distant galaxy, far away nebula or supernova remnant, each project is given the time and attention it deserves so the final image stands out in the best possible way.


Clearsky offers a wide range of prints, so the wonders of the universe can be brought into your living space!
Classic poster print
The classic poster - If you want a framed poster, please contact me directly for a price. You order the picture, i do the imaging and framing.
Canvas print
Give the images the fine-art treatment they deserve by printing them on canvas! Available in multiple sizes, these elegant gallery wrapped canvas prints come stretched and ready to hang.
Accessories and more
Drink from the galaxy? Buy a cup - Want an out of this world phone? Get a phone case. This and much more in the store.